Virtual Learning FAQ


You will receive an email from your educator with a link to login to the Zoom class. You may be required to the password in the Zoom invite.

If you have privacy concerns about doing the video conference, you can set a virtual background to use during your learning session. For more information on how to set that please visit the link below.

If it’s an immediate need, contact professional development or your educator for help. Otherwise, use the “Ask a Question” form on this page to alert the leadership team at your institute.

Think of logging into Zoom like clocking in on your school timeclock. A report will be pulled from the system to show each student who is logged on and the duration of the time spent logged on. We will use this as a verification of hours earned.

*If you aren’t logged in, you won’t be earning hours.

We are adhering to all regular attendance policies, so please be on time.

We will follow the your normal contracted schedule.

If you need supplies for your kit contact please your educator.

No. With virtual learning we cannot ensure the sanitation of each student’s location in accordance with regulations. All practical education will be done upon a mannequin.


Use the form below to ask a question and we’ll get back to you promptly. We will also be updating the Frequent Questions continuously to reflect the most helpful and accurate information.

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