Virtual Earth Jam

Virtual Earth Jam


Starting in 2004, the Nurtur Aveda Institutes have put on an annual fashion benefit as a vehicle for our students to show off their talents and passion in a themed event that raised money for local charities. In this time of distance learning and social distancing, we’ve re-tooled Earth Jam into a virtual event to continue to offer a unique opportunity for our students.


For the 2021 Virtual Earth Jam, our students will be interpreting the traditional Ayurvedic elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Infinity.

Often called Ether,  Infinity conjures space or a vast openness. Infinity means having a cavity with freedom to move. The qualities of infinity element are clear, light, subtle, and immeasurable. Infinity is related with various actions like expansion, vibration, non-resistance.

Wind is the great element that shows a sense of movement. Vayu or wind initiates & directs motion or movement. Air element keeps the body in constant motion. Wind element is mobile, dry, light, cold and subtle in nature. Its main action is to do any kind of movement.

All various forms of transformation including digestion of food are carried out by fire element. Fire element is hot, sharp, light, dry and subtle. Various functions carried out by this element are penetration, digestion of food, and transformation of thoughts, intelligence and perception of light.

Whenever we think of water qualities like liquidity or fluidity comes to our mind. Water shows important quality of binding – e.g. if we see dry soil, we cannot make a ball out of it. But if we add water to the soil, then we can easily make mud balls. This binding nature helps in forming different structures in the body as it binds the 2 cells together. Hence this element is a constructive force. The water element exhibits qualities like cool, liquid, dull soft, and sliminess. Its main actions are cohesiveness and adhesiveness.

Earth is solid, dense, and very hard. It is related to all solid and hard structures that show shape – e.g. bones, muscles, teeth and nails. The Earth element is responsible for giving structure, shape and strength to the body. Qualities of earth element are heavy, dull, dense hard and gross.


Virtual Earth Jam will consist of three phases in which students will compete for the opportunity for a professional photoshoot of their look for their portfolio and to represent their Institute in the live virtual event on June 15, 2021.

  • Every student must complete individually
  • Theme choices: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Infinity
  • Create a vision board of hair, makeup and fashion inspired by the element that you choose
  • Vision Board can be digital file, google document etc. or Poster Board
    • Entry must include:
      • Written statement on why you chose the element and style
  • Campuses will chose up to 20 Students to move onto next phase
  • Top 20 Students chosen from each campus will form a team:
    • 2-4 students MAX
  • Complete Styling: Hair/Makeup/Clothes
    • All materials used for clothing and accessories must be “upcycled”
  • Teams-Blocked out by campus leadership 1 day per week to work together on project
  • Project must include description of:
    • Why you chose your look(hair/makeup)
    • What materials you chose to use for clothing
  • Documentation sent to leadership on each campus:
    • Los Angeles – Julia LoVetere,
    • Columbus – Jesse Sullivan,
    • Indianapolis – Stephanie Huntsman,
    • Chapel Hill – Jake Ivins,
    • Cincinnati – Taylor Fultz,
  • Photos of Hair/Makeup/Clothes
    • Front/Side/Back/Full Body

Phase 3

  • Up to $25 Budget to enhance look
  • Shoot Day – May 17th-28th
  • Block out time together – 1x per week (Education Manager/Team Leads)
    • Mentors help with executing color formulas
  • The Institute will provide Color, Makeup and Products for Models
  • On June 15, 2021, we will hold a live event for you to invite all of your friends, family and support group for the premier of the final edited looks from their photoshoots
  • Each group will have a compilation video of highlight footage of their photo shoot and final images
  • With the premier of each group, all members will be recognized and the team leader will be asked to speak live about their inspiration and the work they have done
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