Beauty Education in the age of COVID

I know what you’re thinking. How in the world can Cosmetology school go virtual? We all know cosmetology and esthetics is best learned hands-on. What’s amazing about Aveda’s education is that we have adapted our programs to become a hybrid learning environment. With a combination of Google Classroom, Zoom, and on-campus learning you can still achieve an unparalleled level of education.

Begin Virtual

Let’s walk you through your first few weeks of cosmetology school. At the beginning, your education will be completely virtual. Using the iPad provided in your school kit, you will log in to your Google Classroom where you will find the link to your Zoom classroom. This will take you into our virtual classroom with your educator and classmates. This isn’t prerecorded education, this is live virtual education where you can ask questions in real-time and get immediate feedback from your educator. The hours of classes and daily activities will be the same as if you were arriving to campus each day. This allows you to get to know your classmates and educators before heading into the building. Your virtual learning will include live education of hair cutting theory, professional development, and more. That is the foundation for your continued hands-on education once you are in the building.

On-Campus, But Safely!

Once you’ve completed your first 8 weeks of virtual learning, we get to welcome you to campus! This is where your hybrid learning environment takes off! Continuing with the same schedule and hours, your time will be split between on-campus and virtual learning from home. Now, you might be asking yourself “Why are we splitting our time between virtual learning and on campus?” Great question! Safety is of utmost importance to us. We strive to keep our students, staff, and guests safe and healthy. One of the ways we are able to remain safe, clean, and open is because we take extra precautions. This includes face coverings and limiting the amount of people we allow in our facility. We maintain social distancing, hand washing, and temperature checks whenever students, staff and guests enter the building.

Now that you’re on campus, your hands-on training begins to come full circle by practicing on your classmates. This is where your creativity and ingenuity shine! Once you have completed your transition back to campus you will begin performing services on guests. This step is essential for preparing you for your career in the beauty industry. As we talked about earlier, following the safety guidelines is of utmost importance. We take the same safety measures with our guests, as we do with you, our student.

Here’s a little of what we expect from our guests: Anyone entering the building must wear a face covering. They will get their temperature taken, sign a COVID-19 waiver, and wash their hands. Once they have completed those steps, they will be escorted to their student to begin their service. Guests will continue to wear their face covering for all hair, nail, and body waxing services. Guests who are receiving a facial or facial waxing can remove their facial covering during that service. We will continue to maintain our high standard of safety and sanitation practices, which is also covered in your curriculum.

Who’s ready to begin a rewarding career in the beauty industry? 🙌🙌🙌

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