5 Reasons to Choose Beauty School for Your Year Off College

Even though this year has not been the epic start to the new decade we all hoped for, there are still opportunities you can take advantage of to work toward the future you have always dreamed of. The excitement and optimism of 2020 was put to a halt shortly after the new year started. The Coronavirus pandemic quite literally put the world on pause. Amid numerous other events and tragedies that have taken place, the world has become a place many of us wouldn’t have recognized at the end of 2019.

Even though the future may seem uncertain, we must find solutions on how to continue. As summer ends and the start of a new school year begins, you may be contemplating what your year is going to look like. There are a lot of new decisions to make as schools are transitioning to virtual classes and canceling all other on-campus and social events.

Do you continue on the same course, attending a four-year college, potentially missing out on the full experience? Do you take a year off from college? Are there other options?

Yes, there are! Maybe you have always dreamed about attending cosmetology school. Maybe you want to be a stylist, salon owner, or involved in the boundless world of fashion, beauty and wellness.

There are a lot of things to decide, but 2020 can still be a successful year for you!

A year off from college can serve as a beneficial time for personal growth, professional experience and creative exploration. Specifically, pursing your year off from college to explore the beauty industry at The Aveda Institute is both productive and profitable, providing you with a license that lasts a lifetime. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose beauty school for your year off of college:

1. Develop Knowledge & Expertise in your Industry of Choice

Develop knowledge of expertise in your Industry of Choice: For those wanting to pursue industry-leading positions, you may need a college degree to learn the academic necessities of your desired career path. However, a license in cosmetology or esthiology can enhance your college education, furthering your expertise in your chosen field. Want to be an entrepreneur in the beauty industry? Compliment your MBA with a license in cosmetology. Looking to open your own dermatology practice? Build a foundation in skincare with the completion of the Aveda Institutes esthetics program. Receiving a license from the Aveda Institute is a key aspect of building a solid foundation and gives you credibility to future colleagues and clients.

2. Save Money

At Aveda, beauty education is both affordable and profitable! As a fully accredited beauty institution, the Aveda Institute paves the way to success on the state’s board exam. Additionally, the Aveda Institute offers financial plans to fit your individual needs. Once licensed, you can enter the workforce directly, earning money as you continue to pursue your college degree.

3. Build Your Resume

Through hands-on education on real guests, the Aveda Institute provides you with experience in customer service and guest relations, two skills employers look for in potential job candidates. During your time with us you will also go through our marketing and financial curriculum to help you develop techniques to grow your business.

4. Find a Productive and Creative Break from the Stresses of Academic Education

Take a break from the pressures of your academic life to explore your passions for hair, beauty and skincare! With our combination of virtual and practical education, you can complete your beauty education in just 12 months and be ready to return to campus next year.

5. Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy –  Staying healthy is more important than ever. The Aveda Institute seeks to provide students with a comfortable and flexible learning environment. Starting the program with online instruction, students learn the basics of cosmetology in the comfort of their own homes. In transitioning to in-person learning and guest service, the Aveda Institute adheres to all CDC and local health department guidelines. Our student’s health is our top priority.

Save your college experience for when it can be full and without limitations. Start your journey to a year off of college with the Aveda Institutes by clicking the link below!

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